About BeRiche

BeRiche was established and developed in 2008. We has a distribution base located in Vietnam. With the desire to bring excellent-grade products at affordable price points, we have constantly improved the quality of our products and honed the skills of every bag maker. After over 16 years of operation, BeRiche has perfected to the fullest extent with "spotless beauty" level of product quality.

We have had more than 2000 customers from countries all over the world such as UK, USA, UAE, Singapore, Spain, France, etc. And BeRiche's customers will always achieve the maximum satisfaction not only by our products' quality but also our consultant work and our after-purchase customer service.


All BeRiche products are made in France and made out of original leather that Hermes produces, we work with leather factories, distribute directly to Hermes, bags are produced by skilled craftsmen who have been in the field and have worked in Hermes for an extensive period. All details, stamp code comes standardized with bags purchased from Hermes boutique. Bags come with full accessories and Hermes boxes are included. (Accessories included: Dust bag / raincoat / paper bag / booklet / ribbon / strap, buckle according to each bag model)


For the sake of ensuring goods quality and operation flow of BeRiche, all products will first be sent to Vietnam for quality checking process and then shipped to countries around the world, instead of shipping directly from France.


Beriche always aims to deliver quality products and maximize our customer satisfaction.